About Airtel double data bonus 2022

Airtel double data

Airtel double data

About Airtel double data bonus 2022

Airtel’s bonus data plan starts with a tariff plan for customers who have just purchased and registered their SIM card. Yes, Airtel has allowed this group of people to enjoy X2 data quota as a sign of “Welcome to the Airtel family”.

Getting a data plan from your network provider can usually be very expensive. However, the speed of data consumption is not so friendly.

Now you get extras compared to the DOUBLE data bonus plan.

For example, if you buy 1GB, you get 2GB. 1 gigabyte is marked as a bonus that you have to spend before you touch the remaining 1 gigabyte of data.

A friend of mine used DOUBLE of every plan he bought (and he said he didn’t know how it worked) until I learned a simple code to activate mine.

If you recently migrated your 2G, 3G SIM card to a 4G LTE sim, you can also enjoy X2 in your internet plan. Yes.

Both new and existing customers can take part in Airtel Dual Data Bonus offer. It doesn’t say that old customers count. Certain SIM cards can take advantage of this offer.

Before proceeding to purchase your data plan, you must verify that you are eligible for the dual data plan.

Airtel double data code 2022 Nigeria

How to qualify for Airtel double data plan
You know how network providers work in Nigeria. Sweet deals like these are always limited to certain consumer groups.

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There are no direct claims to prove that new or existing customers are restricted, but here’s how to find out your eligibility status:

You must have received an SMS from Airtel saying “Airtel X2 offer just for you! Enjoy 3.5GB for N1000 when you buy a data plan blah blah blah.
Just press the activation code from the dialer app. You should get a message like; “Insufficient balance” or “low balance” or similar.
You will get more free bonus offers from Airtel Network.
This is a quick sign that you are among the selected users. And you can get X2 for your data bundle purchase.

After due diligence, you can activate the package of your choice below.

How to activate Airtel double data plan 2022

The authorization test is mainly intended for old Airtel users. If you want to join the Airtel smartphone network, you can qualify for this offer:

  • Purchase a new Airtel SIM card from the nearest service center in your area.
  • Ask the agent to register and activate your SIM card.
  • Insert the SIM card into your phone, modem, or other device.
  • Top up your credit and buy one of the following data packages.

Airtel Plans That Give You Double On Subscription

50MB 25MB 25MB N 50 *141*50# 1 Day
150MB 75MB 75MB N 100 *141*100# 1 Day
400MB 200MB 200MB N 200 *141*200# 3 Days
700MB 350MB 350MB N 300 *141*300# 7 Days
1.5GB 750MB 750MB N 500 *141*500# 14 Days
3GB 1.5GB 1.5GB N 1000 *141*1000# 30 Days
6GB 3GB 3GB 1500 *141*1500# 30 Days
9GB 4.5GB 4.5GB N 2000 *141*2000#

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