How to activate the Airtime 6GB data cheat code on Airtel

How to activate the Airtime 6GB data cheat code on Airtel

  1. Open your phone to make a call. This is the default calling app installed on your smartphone.
  2. Just dial *141*1504#. Enter the airtel data cheat code and send it to your network provider. After this action, you will receive a message from Airtel confirming that you have received 6 gigabytes of data.
  3. Do you understand? Congratulations, check your balance.
  4. Just press *140# to check credit. Free Airtel data cheat code
  5. This package is valid for 7 days, i.e. if data remains unused (regardless of volume), you will lose it.

Airtel data plan cheat 2022/2023 [DATA PLANS]

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Mr. Armed Modules, Chief Commercial Officer of Airtel Nigeria, explained that the plan was created to create room for more advancements and opportunities for customer success, as well as strengthen mobile broadband.

This of course helps more startups and young entrepreneurs use their services.

And to make it even more interesting, he adds that the data can be shared with coworkers, friends, and family members.

But hey, this plan is airtel’s official unlimited plan, known as unlimited 10, unlimited 15, and unlimited 20, and costs N10,000, N15,000, and N20,000 for a 30 day subscription.

How to get Airtel Unlimited Data Package for Airtel N100?

Airtel unlimited data plan for 100 naira

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The plans in this section are endless. This is just the name of the telecommunications company airtel. However, if you need an unlimited data package, please subscribe to the N10,000 package by dialing *462*10#. Valid for 30 days.

Let me introduce you to the Airtel Unlimited Package which gives you great data with cheap price

Yes, below is a list of cheat codes for subscribing to airtel 100 naira which still works.

Airtel 40 MB for N100.

Just press *440*18# to activate this package.

You will get 40 megabytes after dialing the used code and the sum of 100 naira will be dedicated from your account balance.

And you have 24 hours to use this Airtel data cheat for 100 naira.

Airtel 1GB for N100

Just press *474*1# to activate.

This plan is part of Airtel’s data plan for the weekend where you can surf, chat and connect with loved ones after a busy day.

The airtel plan gives you 1 gigabyte to watch from Saturday 12:00 to Sunday at 11:59 pm for 100 naira.

To subscribe, simply dial *474# and reply 1 to get started or use the quick code above.

How to check data balance:

Just dial *140# and you will immediately receive your account balance information.

Vital Records:

Keep in mind that this is a weekend schedule, which means your shopping data will only work or be used on weekends.

With this in mind, you should also understand that whenever you subscribe to airtel 1gb with 100 naira (either Friday, Saturday or Sunday), your data will be deleted at 23:59 on Sunday. So you get 1 GB Airtel with 100 Naira.

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