MTN 6GB data package code and subscription price



MTN 6GB data package code and subscription price

The 6GB MTN data plan is available in weekly and monthly plans. Check out their subscription code below;

MTN 6 GB for N1500, text “143” to 131. Valid for 7 days (one week)

MTN 6 GB for N2500, text “147” to 131. Valid for 30 days (one month)

How to Check MTN Data Balance

Everything in life has a limit. Reviewing your data plan can help you understand your data usage and whether or not you need to exceed it. Therefore, it is very important to check your MTN data balance when using it. To check your data balance, just follow the instructions below;

Using your cell phone, dial *131*4#. You will receive a message with the data status and expiration date. Of course you always want to have more data to surf the internet.


How to Activate Internet Browsing on MTN | MTN Cheapest Data Plan 2022

To browse MTN, you need a phone with an internet connection, a modem or a router to use with a PC or tablet. You can also connect your MTN data to your computer by setting up and connecting to a USB or Wi-Fi access point on your phone.

Nowadays, when you insert a SIM card into your phone, you automatically get internet settings that you can use to browse. However, if you don’t get it automatically, here’s how to get it:

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Send a text with SETTINGS to 3888 to get the auto configuration file, it’s free, save the settings once you get it and you’re done.

To get it manually, use this setting.

  • Account name: MTN GPRS
  • Access point name (APN):
  • IP Address:
  • Port: 8080 (for HTML) or 9201 (for WAP)
  • Username: web
  • Password: web
  • Use port: 8080, unless your phone only supports WAP, all Android smartphones must use 8080.

You can also get a Fastlink MTN 3.5G modem for 5,000 naira or a portable Mi-Fi router for 21,000 naira that supports up to 5 devices simultaneously. MTN low-priced data plan

Additional Cheapest MTN Data Packages and their Activation Codes

MTN has low-cost data plans that you can subscribe to or activate with a USSD code for an annual, quarterly, or monthly plan. MTN Nigeria 2GB and 2GB+ data plans include 4GB free YouTube streaming with purchase. Here’s a list of some of the MTN cheapest data plans we’ve put together below:

  1. 3GB data plan (valid for 30 days) – SMS 131 to 131: N1500
  2. 4.5GB MTN Cellular Data Package (valid for 30 days) – SMS 110 to 131: N2000
  3. 6GB Package (valid for 30 days) – SMS 147 to 131: N2,500
  4. Package 100 GB 2 months (valid for 60 days) – SMS 118 to 131: N20000
  5. 160 GB 2 month package (valid for 60 days) – SMS 138 to 131: N30000.
  6. 400 GB plan 3 months (valid for 90 days) – SMS 133 to 131: N50000
  7. 600GB 3 Month Plan (valid for 90 days) – SMS 134 to 131: N75000
  8. MTN 800GB Package 6 months (Valid 180 days) – SMS 115 to 131: N90,000
  9. 1 TB MTN Annual Plan (valid 360 days) – SMS 136 to 131: N100,000
  10. 5TB annual plan (valid 360 days): N250,000
  11. 10 GB MTN data package (valid for 30 days) – Dial *131#: N3000
  12. 12GB MTN Data Package (valid for 30 days) – SMS 107 to 131: N3500.
  13. 20GB plan (valid for 30 days) – SMS 116 to 131: N5000
  14. 5 GB for N1000 (valid for 30 days) – text 106 to 131
  15. 2GB MTN Data Package (valid for 30 days) – SMS 130 to 131: N1200
  16. 25GB Package (valid for 30 days) – Dial *131#: N6000
  17. 45 GB MTN data plan (valid for 30 days) – SMS 163 to 131: N1000
  18. 40 GB MTN data plan (valid for 30 days) – SMS 117 to 131: N10000
  19. 75GB Package (valid for 30 days) – SMS 150 to 131: N15000
  20. 120GB plan (valid for 30 days) – SMS 149 to 131: N20,000
  21. 200GB Package (valid for 30 days) – Dial *131#: N30,000
  22. 30 GB 2 month plan (valid for 60 days) – SMS 119 to 131: N8000
  23. Annual Plan 5 TB (valid 360 days) – SMS 137 to 131: N450.000
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What is the cheapest MTN data plan?

MTN, like most other networks, offers daily data plans and weekly data plans in addition to the standard monthly subscription. The MTN cheapest monthly plan is still 1000 naira for 1.5 GB (It was 1GB last year) and 1200 naira for 2 GB.

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