New MTN mPulse Cheat For EC Tunnel VPN To Power All Apps

New MTN mPulse Cheat For EC Tunnel VPN To Power All Apps

Guys welcome to Edufroum home for free  browaing cheats and other, we bring another awsome cheat that is available on for mtn users.

Just immediately after sharing MTN Nigeria Tiktok cheat for EC Tunnel VPN, we are here again to share yet another wonderful cheap browsing cheat for MTN Nigeria mPulse Bundle. Are we really ready for this?

Although it’s not very stable because of the nature of the Tweak. You have to keep connecting whenever it stops browsing or downloading. It’s also worth knowing that a trigger file is required before this Tweak can get connected.

MTN mPulse has been available for some years now. It has one of the cheapest subscription plans on the network. With 50 Naira, you can get 350MB for 7 days and 150 Naira for 1.2GB which is valid for 1 month.

Like I said earlier, you will need a trigger file for http custom vpn in order for this cheat to work on EC Tunnel VPN. I’ll drop all information and settings right here in this post. Please follow the steps below and you are good to go.
  1. First of all, download EC Tunnel PRO VPN or EC Tunnel LITE VPN by Clicking Here
  2. Also download HTTP Custom vpn from Here. After that, download the MTN mPulse Trigger file HereMake sure you rename the file and end it with (.hc)
  3. Now, migrate to MTN mPulse by dailing *344# and reply with 1. To subscribe for mpulse data, kindly dial *344# and reply with 2, then 1.
    1. Then try to connect for 10 seconds and disconnect it. Now goto EC Tunnel VPN and select MTN NG mPulse Bundle Tweak and Connect. It will get connected immediately. You can then minimize and start browsing and downloading.

      After doing all that, you can then proceed to importing the (.hc) Trigger file on HTTP custom vpn. Just click on the + round sign and then Open Config. Locate the Trigger file you downloaded and import it.


    1. After some minutes, it will stop browsing, all you have to do is goto HTTP Custom vpn and connect again for 10 seconds and disconnect again. Then open EC Tunnel and connect. That’s all. Repeat same steps again and again. In my own opinion, it’s best for downloading. So enjoy while it last.
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