Hawkit Review And Everything You Need To Know About Hawkit.ng 2022

Hawkit Review And Everything You Need To Know About Hawkit.ng 2022

Hawkit review is a detailed insight on the hawkit.ng platform, which is a platform that allows individuals to make money by using their social media accounts to perform some simple tasks online.

Hawkit.ng has been lunched long ago but the features to make money with your social media accounts wasn’t added then, it was strictly for the buyer and seller alone. It allows you to list what you’re selling for free and have the opportunity to get patronized by a lot of potential buyers around the country.

Recently, the platform relaunched and add an amazing feature that allows you to make money  by performing social media tasks just like that of viraltrend, just that it have a very low minimum withdrawal as compared to that of the viraltrend trend and as well allows you to perform social media tasks and earn without having to connect your social media accounts to the platform.

About hawkit.ng

Hawkit is an earning platform that allows users to make money online by commenting, liking, following, sharing, and lots more. According to the hawkit.ng, users can earn up to 5000 naira daily by completing tasks on the platform. That’s an assumption though, but whether it’s possible or not, you will know that before leaving here as this hawkit.ng review is going to provide you with everything you need to know about the platform without any exception.

How to join hawkit platform

To join the platform, all you have to do is to click here to go to the registration page, click on login and provide all the required details. Complete your registration and login, on getting to your dashboard, you will see a button that says become a member, click on it to activate your account and start making money on the platform. If you’re asked for referral name during registration, simply enter adexbkw.

How did hawkit works?

That’s a very good question and I. This section, I am going to provide you with the detailed information about how the platform works and how it make money to pay it’s registered member.

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, hawkit.ng is a task performing platform that pays you to perform simple social media tasks and make money doing what you love doing even without gett plaid.

How ever, you should know that performing tasks is not the only way to make money on the platform, but do not worry, the detailed information on all ways with which you can make money on the platform will be explained in the later part of this guide, for now let see how it tasking works.

As hawkit has been described as a platform that pays you for performing social media tasks, it takes task from people that needs a particular service, gives it’s member the task and pay you part of the money collected from the advertisers. It’s as simple as that.

For example, let’s assume you’re Mr B.( A member of hawkit.ng) and Mr A. Needs more followers on his Instagram account, mr. A. Will go to hawkit.ng and pay for followers, hawkit.ng will share the task among it’s member that consists of many Mr B. Hawkit will take it share from the payment received from Mr A and use the rest of the money to pay all Mr B that participated in the tasks.

How to make money on hawkit

Having gotten the detailed information on how hawkit works, it’s Time to evaluate all the available means to make money on the platform and in order to make this hawkit review a complete guide, I have gathered detailed information on how to make money on the platform by Joining the platform and see how things works by myself.

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, there are more than one ways to make money on the platform in in this section, browsingtechzone will provide you with all the possible Ways to make money in the platform and detailed information on everything you need to know about each ways.

Performing Tasks

This is the primary way to make money on the platform as it reflects all over the platform and hawkit itself describe itself as a platform that allows you to make money by performing social media tasks. Bellow are the types of tasks that Are available on the platform and how much you earn for performing them.

Apple Store Review

Apple store review is the highest paying task on the platform and whenever this tasks is available, it allows you to earn N60 per Review.

All you have to do is to download and review selected apps on the Apple Store and earn N60 per Review. The more you review, the more you earn Platforms.

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Google Play App Review

Google Play app review is the second highest paying task on hwkit.ng and allows you to earn N30 per Review.

It very similar to that if the Apple store review, just that the apple store app review pays 60 naira per review, while the Google play store app review pays 30 naira per review.

All you have to do is to download and review selected apps on Google Play Store and earn N30 per Review. The more you review, the more you earn.

Subscription to YouTube channel

The subscription to Youtube Channel tasks is a task on hawkit that pays you N30 to subscribe to a YouTube channel, once this type of task is available, you will be provided with a link and once you click on the link, you will be taken to YouTube.

All you have to do to complete the subscription task is to subscribe to selected Youtube Channels and earn N30 per subscription. The more channels you subscribe to, the more you earn.

WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp status task is a task on hawkit.ng platform that allows you to post on your Whatsapp Status and get paid for doing that. This task will earn you N20 per Status Post. Post adverts of businesses and people on your Whatsapp Status and earn N20 per Post. The more you post, the more you earn


This task allows you to comment on Facebook, Instagram, twitter ticktock and YouTube Post and earn N15 per Comment Comment on posts from selected social media accounts, this are things you do for free on a normal day, but with hawkit, you will get N15 per comment. The more posts you comment on, the more you earn.

Twitter retweet

This is a Twitter retweet tasks that pays you for every tweet you retweet via hawkit.ng and as gathered by browsingtechzone at the moment of writing this hawkit review, Retweet on Twitter tasks allows you to earn N10 per Retweet posts on Twitter to your followers. The more posts you retweet, the more you earn

Facebook post share

When you Share Posts on Facebook via hawkit.ng you will earn N10 per Share, all you have to do is to Share posts from selected social media accounts to your friends. on Facebook and earn N10 per Share. The more posts you share, the more you earn.

Follow and like

This is the lowest paying task on the platform and with this task, you will get paid for liking a selected page or to follow the page. You get paid 3 naira for liking and 3 naira for following respectively.

Follow people and pages on selected social media accounts and earn N3 per follow. The more people you follow, the more you, the selected platforms includes: Facebook Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Ticktock.

Like Facebook Pages and earn N3 per Like Like Facebook Pages for Businesses and Organisations and earn N3 per Like. The more pages you like, the more you you earn.

That’s the detailed information and appropriate breakdown of how you earn and how much you earn per task on the platform. Let’s move to another way to make money in the platform, which is by referring others.

Hawkit referral

Hawkit Referral

Hawkit Referral is another Way to make money on the platform and as far as the hawkit review by browsingtechzone.comia concerned, the referral option it the way to go if you want fast and big Money from the platform.

With the hawkit.ng Referral program, you will Earn N500 for every successful referral you get on the platform. What I mean by successful referral is someone that register with your referral link and and activate his/her account. There are two broad benefits you can get from referring people to the platform:

1. Instant commission of 500 naira

With the hawkit referral program, you will have the opportunity to earn an Instant Referral Commission of N500 when you refer someone to become a Member on Hawkit. The more you refer, the more you earn.

For Example: If you refer an average of 20 users per day, you will earn N10,000 per day and #300,000 per month from just Referral Bonuses alone and this is the main reason why I referred to it as the way to go if you need quick and big cash from the platform.

2. Social boost referral commission

Another benefits attached to referring individuals to the platform is that, you will earn Social Boost Referral Commission of 20% of any amount paid when you refer someone to Buy Likes, Followers, Comments, Shares, Whatsapp Post Views etc.

For example, if you refer 50 users to buy 2000 likes or followers worth N10,000, you will earn N2,000 per user and a whooping N100,000 instantly.

How to get my hawkit referral link

To get your hawkit referral link, all you have to do is to activate your account after registration, the activation cost N1,000. Once your account is activated, login to your hawkit account dashboard and scroll down a little, you will see refer and earn big, click on it and you will see a button to Copy your referral link, it’s as simple as that.

That’s all the information needed on How to make money on hawkit.ng by referring others. Let’s move to the next earnings method contained in this hawkit.ng review.

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Re-sell Data.

Yes! Hawkit.ng gives you the opportunity to start a data reselling business and once you activate your account, you will have access to this feature. All you have to do is to notify people around you that you’re selling data, buy directly from hawkit and sell to these people. You’re wondering how? Relax! See how it works below:

Hawkit has a VTU portal that allows you to buy data at a low price and resell at any price if your choice, for example, you will be able to get 1GB data for N250 on the platform. You can decided to sell 1gb for N300 to another person and that’s N50 profit per Gig.

To do this, all you have to do is to login to your hawkit account, scroll down and click on start data and airtime business, click on get started and you with see the available data and their price, whenever you want to sell, just click on buy now, enter the receiver phone number and the amount of data you want to send. The data will be sent to the person and you can now collect the money According to your own price.

Hawkit Registration

Having gotten the detailed information on how the hawkit platform works and how to make money in the platform, the next thing is to get yourself registered on the site and start making money online.

Simply click here to go to the hawkit registration page, on getting to the registration page, you will see login and sign up option. Click on the sign up option enter your name and proceed. You will see a box provided for referral name, adexbkw should be there automatically, but if it’s not there, simply input adexbkw manually and proceed.

On the next page, enter your username, email address and password, then click on create account, an OTP will be sent to you email, check your email an enter the correct OTP to complete your registration.

Once you complete your registration, you will be redirected to your dashboard and the next thing is to activate your account.

Register On Hawkit And Start Making Money

How to activate hawkit account

How to activate your hawkit account

To activate your hawkit account, simply check for become a member button at the top of your dashboard as shown in the image above. You will be redirected to a page showing you how to make money on the platform and some breakdowns, simply scroll down and click on the button that says click here to make payment now.

Use your ATM car to complete the payment and if the ATM card option didn’t work or you’re not with your ATM card, simply click on the change payment option and choose Payment by USSD.

Hawkit app download

Hawkit app is a mobile app for the hawkit.ng platform and allows you to Carry out all activities relating to the website on the app. This implies that the app is just a replica of the website in order to make the platform available for you in two different options.

If you’re the type that loves accessing platforms via Mobil app, then you will be able to using the hawkit app to perform all tasks and if you love web, then you can stick to the web or better still, be using both. The choice is yours. Below is the direct link to download the hawkit app.

Name                                            hawkit APK

Size                                                17MB

Version                                           Latest Version

Service                                            Earnings App

Kindly register on the platform before downloading the app

Download hawkit APK

Hawkit Review

Hawkit serve as social finance platform that allows you to earn everyday by simply performing popular and easy social tasks such as Following of Social Media Accounts, Liking of Social Media Posts, Commenting on Posts, Sharing of Posts, Subscribing to a channel on Youtube, Posting of Adverts on your Whatsapp Status, App Reviews etc.

I strongly believe you are eager to know if hawkit is legit or scam a s this is the reason why I have dedicate this section of the hawkit review to let you know if the platform is legit or scam.

Is hawkit legit

Yes! With our evolution before Writing this guide, hawkit is legit and paying it’s members as promised. With our research, the platform should be a long lasting platform and this is because:

The platform have a legit source of income, it doesn’t pay you for tasks with others members registration fees, it’s a win win contract for both hawkit and it’s members.

When a member registered, the platform gets 450 per member and this is enough to make proper maintenance if the platform and as well cover other miscellaneous.

The platform minimum withdrawal is just N100 and this guaranteed every members of the platform that they can withdraw anytime they wants.

Apart from making money performing task, referring others, selling data for profit, you can as well list your business for free and get some potential buyers without paying.

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Is hawkit a scam

No! It’s not, the platform has a good businesses model and all it’s plan is for long term. On this note, hawkit is legit and not scam as at the moment of writing this hawkit.ng review.

How to withdraw your earnings to your bank account

Withdrawing your money from the platform is very simple and once you have up to N100 on your balance, you will be able to withdraw to your bank account.

All you have to do is to login to your account and click on withdraw button as shown in the picture above, if you haven’t link any bank account before, you will be told to do that and after linking your bank account, you will be able to enter the amount you want to withdraw and complete your withdrawal.

It takes 12 – 24hrs for withdrawal to arrive in your bank account.

Can I make up to N5,000 daily on hawkit

Can I make up to 5000 per day on the platform

Depending on your tactics and how serious you take the platform, the 5000 daily earnings you see on the platform is an assumption and you might make more than that or not up to that. If you are performing tasks alone, you can’t make up to 5000 on a daily basis. It’s not possible.

Using my own Self for example, I am able to make 30,000 naira in 24hrs on the platform and the screenshot above shows the proof of what I warn in 24hrs on the platform. This money are gotten from referrals.

How many tasks can I perform per day

The number if the tasks you can perform per day solely depends on the amount of tasks available on the platform, no one can predict exact amount.

On this note, there is no actual amount you can make on the platform on a daily basis, it fluctuate and if you want to be performing tasks alone, you should target a Lower amount as the maximum tasks that will be available on a daily basis cannot make you N5000 in just one day.

However, you can. Check all the earnings breakdown and set your own earnings target as there is no limit to amount of referrals you can get and not limit for amount of data you can resell.

Can I withdraw N100 as said

Yes! I Know you might be thinking if it will be possible afterwards and this is the main reason why I decided to make a withdrawal of just N100 in the platform before I start my usual accumulation. This is to affirm that the minimum withdrawal is what the platform said it is and amazingly, I got my alert within 12hrs of placing the withdrawal, you can check the screenshot below for Proper affirmation of the hawkit minimum withdrawal.

Hawkit minimum withdrawal

Hawkit withdrawal proof

As I have mentioned in the previous part of this guide that I am able to accumulate 30,000 naira in just 24hrs on the platform, in this section, I am going to provide you with a live withdrawal proof of the N30,000 I earned in 24hrs on hawkit.

Recent hawkit withdrawal proof

Below is another withdrawal Proof to keep this guide up to date and let you know that the site is paying as soon as you have earnings to withdraw. The minimum withdrawal remain 100 naira and the maximum remains unlimited.

Above is the withdrawal notification from hawkit, which shows that the withdrawal amount of 61,200 has been processed successfully and being sent to my Bank.

Below is the credit alert from my bank, which shows that I truly received the stated amount Into my account.

Hawkit Support 

I will be revealing the fastest way to contact hawkit customer service, which will gives you the opportunity to get appropriate response from them within a very short period of time.

Recently, I have noticed that a lot of users on the platform find it difficult to reach out to the hawkit customer service whenever they have one or two issue with the platform. This prompts me to put all the hawkit support channel Into consideration to know which one the the best, and the fastest.

When I put all the support channel Into consideration, I found the hawkit Facebook support channel the most effective and below is how to contact hawkit customer service via Facebook for fast response.

How to contact hawkit customer service for fast response

To contact hawkit support and get your issue resolved as soon as possible, simply login to your account and click on the more button at the bottom of your dashboard. Scroll down a little and click on chat with support. You will see the Facebook and messenger logo attached to the option.

You will be redirected to the hawkit customer service on Facebook, kindly table your complaint and wait for the appropriate response. Provide all the details required by the customer care and get your issue resolved immediately.

Conclusion: Hawkit.ng is not limited to earnings per tasks alone, but allows you to navigate through a lot of earnings opportunity an maximize them to your personal needs and target. With the detailed information revealed in this hawkit review, you should have fully understand every aspect of the platform and have better understanding about the platform and how to make good money on the platform.

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