Download Latest Version 7.2.0 Free

Download Latest Version 7.2.0 Free

 Download WordPress 6.0

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Now you can manage your sites, write and publish, and even customize your site and view stats from a dedicated app in your Windows Start Menu. Use it for your sites on, as well as for self-hosted WordPress sites. (For the latter, you’ll just need to have the Jetpack plugininstalled to connect your site.)

And just like the rest of, the new Windows app is simple, seamless, and blazingly fast.


  • The My Sites dashboard for managing multiple sites, whether or self-hosted WordPress with Jetpack.
  • The new Editor, with in-app previewing and draft auto-saving.
  • The Reader, which lets you follow and read any of your favorite sites, and the all-new Discover, which recommends outstanding content from across all of WordPress.
  • Insights and Stats, which show you exactly how your site and posts are performing.
  • In-app notifications, so you can see comments, likes, and new follows all in one place.

What’s New:

  • WordPress Android APK updated to 17.9
  • Windows version updated to 7.1.0
  • Block Editor: You now can insert a File block, which places a download button for files like documents. We also addressed issues with the Heading and Gallery blocks.
  • Posts List: You can now copy a post with the “Duplicate” button in your Blog Posts list.
  • My Site: We also fixed a crash that occurred while editing your site title.
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How do I download WordPress com?

How to download WordPress and install the software in 5 steps

  1. Download the WordPress . zip file.
  2. Create a WordPress database and user.
  3. Set up wp-config. php.
  4. Upload your WordPress files via FTP.
  5. Run the WordPress installer.
    The WordPress software is free in both senses of the word. You can download a copy of WordPress for free, and once you have it, it’s yours to use or amend as you wish. The software is published under the GNU General Public License (or GPL), which means it is free not only to download but to edit, customize, and use.
    How to Build a WordPress Website
    1. Select a WordPress plan ( only).
    2. Set up your domain name and hosting provider.
    3. Install WordPress.
    4. Choose your theme.
    5. Add posts and pages to your website.
    6. Customize your website.
    7. Install plugins.
    8. Optimize your website to increase page speed.

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