About Us

Edu Forum Nigeria is a multi-author blog founded by Ugo Prosper Chibuzor on the 11th November, 2023. As one of the leading digital and technology-focused blogs in Nigeria, we pride ourselves on giving our readers the most recent job openings, business news, financial updates, and app reviews. To that end, we continue to conduct extensive research before publishing anything.

Our Vision

Inform and Educate:

  • Vision Statement: To create a platform that serves as a valuable resource for readers, offering well-researched and informative content on specific topics.
  • Objective: To provide readers with accurate and up-to-date information, helping them learn and understand various subjects within the blog’s niche.

Inspire and Motivate:

  • Vision Statement: To cultivate a community that inspires and motivates individuals, encouraging positive change and personal growth.
  • Objective: To share uplifting stories, practical advice, and motivational content that empowers readers to overcome challenges, set goals, and pursue their passions.

Our Mission

At Edu Forum our aim to inform and educate by sharing valuable insights, foster engagement and community among readers, and achieve business goals by generating revenue through effective monetization strategies.

Our Authors

We are doing our best to create the best staff that comprises of experienced and well nurtured authors who can provide a content worthy of influencing the life of individuals. We will ensure to provide the best article that are very much valuable and relevant to specific set of audience.

Donation and Support

We are now accepting donations and support from whosoever that would like to do so. We’re are open to receiving donation from anyone who wish to support us.

Reports and Information

If you have any reports and information related to our niche we look forward to hearing from you. Send us your information at admin@eduforum.com.ng

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