Airtel Night Plan: Everything Need To Know About Airtel Night Sub

Just like other mobile network, Airtel night plan is another cheap data option for Airtel users, maybe you’re usually awake at midnight either for research or downloads then you have to consider Airtel night sub as an option for cheap data. In fact, do you know know that ₦100 Airtel night sub will go along way for you, either updating your phone apps, installing new ones, movie/music downloads or even research you no longer have to spend a lot on data for them, all you have to do is to recharge your Airtel line with at least ₦25 and you can start enjoying Airtel night plan.

How does Airtel Night plan (sub) work?

Airtel Night Sub is another data (bundle) option provided by Airtel. This option allows users to easily subscribes for cheap data bundles that ranges from as low as ₦25 in a given terms.

With Airtel night plan users can now easily browse the internet in 5 hours interval which starts from 12 am to 5am. With this plan you can purchase 250MB for just ₦25 which is very much affordable compared to other daily options. There are no limited service to your Airtel night sub meaning that you can do whatever you wish, either for browsing, video/music streaming or even downloads so this plan is a great option you can consider.

How to use Airtel Night Sub

Migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe first

Before you become eligible for Airtel night plan, you will have to migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe first. Here are steps to migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe.www

  • Open your phone dialler and dial *412#
  • Then reply 1

After dialling the USSD code, you will receive an SMS from Airtel with the text “welcome to the new tariff plan”. You have successfully migrated to Airtel Smart Trybe.

Purchase an Airtel Night Sub Data

After you might have successfully migrated to Airtel Smart Trybe, the next step is buying a night plan data bundle immediately. Here are steps to purchase a night plan data.

  • Recharge your line with the amount you wish to subscribe (minimum of ₦25 and maximum of ₦200 daily)
  • Then dial *412#
  • Next reply #
  • Then choose your prefer night sub amount.
  • Upon successful subscription your Airtel night plan will be activated from 12am to 5am.

You have to bare in mind that this data bundles only last for the given time range and cannot be renewed when it expires, so ensure you subscribe appropriately.

Airtel Night Plan Available bundles

  1. ₦25 for 250MB
  2. ₦50 for 500MB

Airtel Night Sub daily limit is ₦200 which is equivalent to 2GB per night. Once you reach your night sub daily limit, you won’t be able to subscribe to another night plan until the next day.

Why your Airtel Night Sub might not be working

There are many reasons why your Airtel night plan might not be working. Some of the common problems are;

  • Poor data connection: when your mobile data is not connected properly to the internet meaning poor network signal might affect your Airtel night sub working probability.
  • No active plan: You can’ use Airtel night plan when you don’t have an active night plan bundle.
  • Unsuccessful subscription: Ensure that your night plan data purchase was completed successfully

Benefits of Airtel Night Sub

  1. Cheap and affordable for all users: Airtel night plan typically offer discounted rates or higher data allowances during off-peak hours. This can be a cost-effective option for users who primarily use data during the night.
  2. Fast Internet connection: There might be less network congestion at night because fewer users typically use the network. So as a user you may experience faster and more reliable internet connections as a result.
  3. Extended Data Usage: Airtel night plan often allow subscribers to use more data at a lower cost during the 5 hours interval. This can be advantageous especially for users who have large data requirements during the night.

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FAQs and Answers

Can I use the Airtel Night Plan during the day?

No, Airtel Night Plans are generally designed for use during specific hours12am to 5am precisely. Data usage during other times may be subject to regular data rates or allowances.

Can I perform all activities with this Night Plan?

Yes, one good thing about this mid-night sub is that it has no limitation, you can use it to perform all activities be it video streaming, browsing or even downloads.

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Is it possible to share my Airtel Night Sub data?

No, it’s not possible to share or transfer your night plan bundle to other users unlike other daily bundles you can easily share with friends.

Can I rollover my unused Airtel Night Plan data the next day?

No, you cannot rollover your unused Airtel Night plan the next day so do well to subscribe the amount of data that wouldn’t expire or remain.

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Finally, Airtel Night Plans offer subscribers the opportunity to enjoy specific data benefits during designated night-time hours. Like I said, users that have huge data requirements during night, consider using Airtime Night Sub to minimize data costs. However, also bear in mind that everything has it advantages and disadvantages likewise Airtel Night Sub.

Alright, I hope I was able to tell you everything you need to know about Airtel Night Sub. If you have any additions inquiry scroll down to the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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