How does Kingsettmining work? Legit or Scam

Everything you need to know about Kingsettmining investment platform

How does Kingsettmining work? A lot of fake investment platform are coming out on a daily basis in Nigeria, and it has become a major concern for investors to find a reliable and trustworthy platform to invest their money in other to gain an interest in return. For this, we’re doing our best in other to make sure that our users only invest in a trustworthy platforms alone.

I will tell you everything you need to know about, legit or a scam, how to invest, and available investment packages. Just read carefully and drop you own review or questions at the comment section!

What is

Kingsettmining claims to be an investment website located in Nigeria. The platform was launched by unverified individuals or group of people and claims to offers users the opportunity to invest and earn a daily return interest circle.

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How does Kingsettmining work?

Kingsettmining is a type of investment website where users can easily invest on available packages (products) that suits their budget and earn a daily return interest for a specific duration. The platform also offer referral program meaning that old users can refer new ones and a commission each time their referral purchase an investment package on the platform.

Kingsettmining Investment packages

Kingsettmining offers six (6) different categories of investment that users can easily choose and switch to. So below are the 6 investment package and everything you need to know about them;

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Iron 3.0

  • Product Price: ₦4,300
  • Daily Earning: ₦344
  • Duration: 25 Days

Copper 3.0

  • Product Price: ₦23,000
  • Daily Earning: ₦1,380
  • Duration: 55 Days

Silver 3.0

  • Product Price: ₦53,000
  • Daily Earning: ₦3,445
  • Duration: 56 Days

Platinum 3.0

  • Product Price: ₦113,000
  • Daily Earning: ₦7,910
  • Duration: 57 Days

Gold 3.0

  • Product Price: ₦233,000
  • Daily Earning: ₦17,475
  • Duration: 58 Days

Palladium 3.0

  • Product Price: ₦533,000
  • Daily Earning: ₦42,640
  • Duration: 59 Days

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Kingsettmining referral program

Kingsettmining also offer a referral program which allow old users to invite new ones to join the platform using their referral link, and earn commission for every successful referral.

Is Kingsettmining legit or scam?

Kingsettmining is a Ponzi scheme and a potential scam which intends to pay old investors with the funds generated from the newer investors, so no one is advise to invest on this platform to avoid getting scammed.

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Additional to what the above details, I made a research to know if this platform is a licensed and authorized company but the outcome was negative. According to Whois domain, the domain was registered on 9th of August, 2023 which makes it very much suspicious and untrustworthy, users should be very careful and make a thorough research before investing in the platform.

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