Top 8 Online Business that Pays Daily in Nigeria

Full Guide in creating great online presence.

In this 21st century it is not a must that you must own a physical location or business before you can start making money, there are a lot of online business that pays daily in Nigeria, you can make money online in Nigeria without owning a physical shop. Infact, according to Data Reportal, over 55.4 percent of Nigerians are online which is over 100 million individuals making it possible for people who runs an online business to make a good living.

If you’re looking for an online business that pays daily in Nigeria then you’re at the right web page because I will tell you every online business you might want to consider, importance of online business and why choosing one. Just stick with me as I review to you everything you need to know about online business and how to create a successful one.

What does it take to Create an Online Business?

Well I must tell you that if you wish to establish an online business that pays you daily in Nigeria, then you must develop passion, willing to work and consistency.

Starting an online business might be really rewarding but it can also be stressful and require a lot of hard work while starting up, so you have to be physically and mentally prepared before starting one, especially if you don’t have enough cash to fund your business.

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Here are some important things you might need to start up an online business.

  • Well functioning smartphone
  • A Laptop (preferable 4GB RAM)
  • A strong internet connection
  • You must be able to read and understand
  • Consistency and hardworking is required.

Here are 8 Online Business that Pays You Daily in Nigeria

Start an e-Commerce

e-commerce is arguably the best online business that pays daily in Nigeria. e-commerce refers to the electronic means of buying and selling of goods and services through the transmission of internet. e-commerce has become one of the mostly considered option not just in Nigeria but in the world as a whole. As per multiple reports, A well structured e-commerce website makes an average of ₦5,000,000 – ₦15,000,000 monthly which is very lucrative. Some of the popular e-commerce in Nigeria includes; Jumia, Konga, Jiji and Slot.

How to start an e-commerce in Nigeria

  1. Clearly define your idea and what you want.
  2. Naming and branding – your e-commerce is very necessary to creating a successful e-commerce.
  3. Clearly define your shipping strategies – you have to clearly define how goods are being delivered to your users
  4. Get a website – You must work on getting a well functioning website for your e-commerce.
  5. Stock your website – you have to upload products on your website to attract visitors
  6. Run Ads – In other to reach potential customers and visitors you have to run Ads using both Google Ads & Meta Ads.
  7. Work on your traffic – Working on your website traffic will help you increase your website visibility and introduce you to wider organic usees.


  • e-Commece website can be very rewarding
  • You will reach a huge potential audience
  • You will be a reputable brand


  • It requires a lot of hard work
  • Might cost you a lot while starting up
  • You might need to hire workers as some point.
  • Increase your traffic might affect you while starting up.

Start a Blog

Blogging is another online business that pays you daily in Nigeria infact I will recommend blogging to anyone that has a good writing skill.

A blog is a type of an online journal/information website usually run by individuals or group of people with the aim of providing regular updated contents in various niche such as Business, Finance, Entertainment or Even News.

Bloggers usually earn through content monetization, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing and even native advertisement. Most of Nigerian bloggers makes an average of ₦1,000,000 per month which is also lucrative.

Here is how to start a blog in Nigeria

  1. Choose your prefer niche
  2. Pick up your blogging platform (WordPress is recommended)
  3. Get a domain and hosting
  4. Design and customize your blog to look attractive
  5. Start publishing contents regular
  6. Learn SEO and increase your domain authority
  7. Work on getting AdSense approval or any other ad network of your choice.
  8. Start Monetizing your blog and make money

Blogging might be very rewarding but here are somethings you need to know.

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  • Blogging will introduce you to larger audience
  • Blogging can become your full time job
  • You will earn a lot of money
  • Blogging can make you famous
  • You will reach big brands and organizations for advertisement
  • You will build trust among individuals


  • A blog might cost you a lot while starting up.
  • Blogging can be time consuming especially you as a beginner
  • Getting traffic while starting up might really be difficult and challenging
  • Learning and mastering SEO is a must if you want to do better.

However, I can tell you that blogging is one of the best career you can think of. Once again, I must tell you that if you must go into blogging, you have to develop passion for it or else you will end up getting disappointed.

Start Dropshipping

This another widely considered option on my list. Dropshipping involves the the process of selling products on your website without keeping them in stock.

In a simple definition, Dropshipping is a types of an e-commerce website that does not keep goods in stock, when a customer orders for a product, then they push it they push the order to another website who will now ship in the products to the buyer.

Dropshipping is another online business that pays you daily in Nigeria, all you just have to do is to get a website, publish lists of products you’re selling, make sure that you add your interests in each of the products before publishing them. So Dropshipping is another way you can make money online in Nigeria.

How to start a Dropshipping business that pays daily in Nigeria

  1. Clearly define your niche – what type of products are you interested in
  2. Create an online presence – get a well functioning website and even social media pages (Facebook + Instagram is recommended)
  3. Design your website – you need to design your website in a way that it will be user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  4. Add your interests – make sure that before you add any products on your website, you might have clearly understand and add your interests so that you wouldn’t end up gaining nothing.
  5. Run Ads frequently – you need to run Ads frequently so that you will reach huge potential audience.


  • Dropshipping can be your full time career
  • You can decide to turn it into a full shipping e-commerce website when you make a lot of money
  • It’s less of stress compared to when you start shipping
  • It requires less people to handle it compared to a full shipping e-commerce website.


  • It requires a lot hardworking while starting up
  • Your products might be bit expensive since you don’t keep them in stock
  • You might need to run Ads frequently before reaching out to buyers
  • Increase your website traffic is a must

Generally you need to clearly study and understand how a Dropshipping business work before starting one.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is another great online business that pays you daily, infact as a good affiliate marketer, you should be expecting to earn every now and then.

Affiliate marketing is a process by which a promoter (known as affiliate) earn a given percentage for selling a product for a brands. As an affiliate marketer, you’re assigned to a unique link (or code) known as as affiliate link, then you earn commission each time a user purchase products through your affiliate link or code.

Here is how to make money online in Nigeria through affiliate marketing

  1. Choose your niche – what type of products do you wish to promote? Create contents related to that.
  2. Choose your affiliate brand – choose the brand you wish to work with.
  3. Create an online presence – easiest way to start affiliate marketing is by establishing an online presence (either Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube or even a website).
  4. Make sure that you publish content related to your affiliate brand then convince your audience to buy products using your link.


  • You can become a millionaire through affiliate marketing.
  • Brand will offer you deals to promote the products
  • It’s less of stress, and can be very rewarding especially when you have a huge fan base.


  • You might not earn while starting up
  • You only earn when you sell
  • Creating a fanbase might really be difficult

Generally affiliate marketing is a good choice, you can see a lot of Nigerian content creators and bloggers persuading you to buy a product or services using their affiliate link, that’s to tell you how effective affiliate marketing can be.

Start a Vlog

Vlogging is another widely considered option among Nigeria individuals.

A vlog is a type of blog that publish it’s contents on a video form. So in a simple definition a vlog is a video blog. The two difference between a vlog and a blog is that vloggers publish their contents in a video form while bloggers mostly publish their content in a documented form.

Vloggers often earn from content monetization especially from YouTube, Facebook and TikTok.

Here is how to start a vlog

  1. Choose your niche – create contents on what you’re good at.
  2. Choose your vlogging platforms – YouTube is necessary especially when you’re creating contents related to tutorials.
  3. Start publishing contents – make sure you publish high quality original contents.
  4. Promote your vlog to reach huge audience.
  5. Start monetizing your vlog and make money.


  • You wouldn’t just earn, you would also become famous through vlogging
  • Brands will reach out to you for promotion
  • Affiliate marketing would be very easy for you


  • Increasing your Vlog traffic and visibility might really be challenging especially when starting up
  • You will need to create content regular in other to earn reasonable amounts especially when starting up.
  • It can be time consuming while starting up especially without earning at first.
  • You might not be able to monetize your content when it goes against that monetization policies

Once again, vlogging is online business that pays daily in Nigeria and some popular Nigeria vloggers with over 100K subscribers includes; Tayo Aina, Tomike Adeoye and Fisayo Fosude among others.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is another way to make money online in Nigeria. A virtual assistant is remote worker who helps with administrative and technical duties. Virtual assistant are usually saddled with administrative responsibilities such as making travel arrangements, scheduling and rescheduling appointment, posting on social media pages or even creating email marketing campaigns.

If you have some digital marketing experience and intends to work under someone or organizations then consider virtual assistant.

Here’s is how to make money online in Nigeria as a Virtual Assistant.

  1. Choose the services you render
  2. Learn SEO
  3. Create online presence
  4. Look for Virtual Assistant jobs on platforms like LinkedIn and Upwork


  • You work remotely at anywhere of your choice.
  • You only work on contract and hire terms, meaning that you can work for anyone and anywhere.
  • You can work for more than one person at a time.
  • You earn reasonable figures.


  • Virtual Assistant can be really stressful
  • You will have a lot of task saddled to carry out.
  • Securing a high paying job might really be tough especially as a beginner.
  • You must understand the basics of SEO before you can be considered.

Once again, if you think that you’re not financially ready to start your own online business then you can consider virtual assistant as an option.

Run a VTU website

This is one of the widely most neglected option which can enable you make money online in Nigeria.

A VTU means “Virtual Top-Up”, A VTU website is a website where customers can easily Top-Up their mobile number virtually with airtime and mobile data. VTU platforms also offer services like utility bills payment, airtime 2 cash converter and even cable subscriptions. With VTU his you can make as much as ₦150,000 or monthly.

Here is how to make money online in Nigeria through  VTU business

  1. Clearly understand how VTU business works online
  2. Develop and design your VTU website
  3. Choose your VTU API provider
  4. Promote your website
  5. Work on increasing your traffic


  • VTU business is less stressful
  • Starting a VTU business is quite affordable
  • It’s very easy to understand and master
  • A well structured VTU website can fetch you a lot of money


  • Traffic might be a huge factor that can affect your sales while starting up
  • Your earnings might be very poor while starting up
  • You might spend a lot running Ads if you don’t understand how to run an effective As campaign
  • You might need to work a lot to drive people’s interest especially now we have a lot of VTU website

Generally, VTU business is another online business that pays daily in Nigeria that can fetch you a lot of money if effectively planned.

Become a freelance writer

Freelance writing is another online business you can widely consider in Nigeria.

A freelance writer refers to a person who works independently for various brand as a content writer. Freelance writers usually work on a contract terms for various publications. Freelance writers often work for News/Magazine agencies, Media companies and even blogging platforms and charge the average of ₦10,000 per article meaning that if you can publish a minimum of 20 posts monthly, then you earn ₦200,000 per month (note: in some cases the charges might be higher or lesser, depends on your level of experience and job terms).

Here is how to make money online daily as a freelance writer

  1. Develop a writing skill – you must be very good in writing article that are much attractive
  2. Choose a niche – think on what you can write better and make it your priority
  3. Learn SEO – you need a deep understand on Search Engine Optimization and how to write an optimized articles
  4. Look for brand looking for freelance writers


  • You don’t really need to spend before becoming a freelance writer.
  • You can work for more than one brand which will increase your earnings.
  • As a freelance writer you can work beyond Nigeria companies
  • You can charge per article


  • A lot of well paying brands might not accept you as a beginner
  • SEO might take you sometimes to deeply understand.
  • Getting a job might be a little bit tough especially as a beginner
  • Writing an original article can be time consuming.


Starting an online business that pays you daily in Nigeria is great option, one good thing about this online world is that you will get reach huge audience which you might never reach while running a physical business. If you’re venturing into an online business to start making money then you have to put in a lot of time, passion and dedication so that you can grow it to a well standard level which will fetch you a lot of money.

I believe that that the businesses I listed above is good enough for anyone who wish to start making money online in Nigeria, I will advise you gently study them and choose the one you’re passionate about and not the earning.

If you have any question scroll down to the comment section and I will be willing to get back to you.

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