What is SproutGigs and How does it Work in Nigeria?

A lot of Nigerian freelancers have heard about this platform called SproutGigs but still find it very difficult to understand how the platform works, how to work and earn as freelancer. While many people thought the platform isn’t a legitimate platform to work and earn commission. Well it’s that simple I will tell you everything you need to know about the platform how it works and how to make money with SproutGigs while Workin from your comfort zone at ease.

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What is SproutGigs and How does it work?

SproutGigs is an online freelance marketplace that connects businesses and clients with talented freelancers in the world. The platform offers a wide range of services, including web development, graphic design, copywriting, and more. It’s an easy-to-use platform that allows businesses to post projects, set budgets, and review proposals from qualified freelancers. Once a project is awarded, businesses and freelancers can use the platform to communicate, track progress, and manage payments. In short, SproutGigs makes it easy for businesses to find talented freelancers and get their projects completed on time and within budget.

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At the other hands, SproutGigs is also a platform where freelancers can perform simple tasks and earn commission for every successful task completed such as SEO tasks, subscribe to YouTube channels, download and review apps, take surveys, social media follows and variety of tasks. In fact there are tasks which users can earn up to $2 upon completion.

Creating an Account with SproutGigs

Before you can start performing task and make money with  SproughtGigs, you first need to create an account with SproughtGigs. Basically there are to main classifications which you can sign up under.

  1. As an Employer: On SproutGigs, employers are individuals or businesses that are looking for freelancers to complete projects or tasks. They post jobs on the platform and then review applications and proposals from freelancers. They can then select the freelancer they want to work with, and the two parties agree on a contract and payment terms. They can also post task for freelance to perform and earn commission.
  2. As a worker (freelancer):  On SproutGigs, workers are the freelancers who complete projects and tasks for employers. They create profiles on the platform and then browse available jobs and submit proposals for projects that interest them. Once they’re selected for a project, they work with the employer to complete the project and get paid upon completion.

Which ever way you choose to sign up depends on what you plan doing on the platform, if you intend to employ people to work for you then you go with Employer otherwise you sign up as a freelancer. Here are steps to create an account with SproughtGigs;

# Step: 1

  • Visit the website address
  • At the top right corner of the website, click on sign up
  • Scroll down and fill in each blank field with your correct details (including your full name, email address, phone number and password)
  • Then scroll down and choose your preferred sign up method (either as a freelancer or as an employer)
  • Agree the privacy policy and then click on create an account.

#Step: 2

  1. Then, check your email address for email confirmation link.
  2. Go to Google Playstore or Apple store and download Google Authenticator – this will be required for two step verification code each time you try logging in to your dashboard.
  3. You can now easily login and start performing tasks.

Requirements and Guidelines on using Sproutgigs

Sproutgigs Guidelines for everyone;

  1. Use Airtel connection at all times (Avoid MTN & Glo) to avoid being blocked.
  2. The preferred web browser to work with is chrome (Avoid Opera mini).
  3. If you’re finding it difficult to signup on chrome or other browsers, use Kiwi or Safari web browser.
  4. DONOT use VPNs, proxies or create multiple accounts on one phone, do not share hotspot with another person working on the site as well.
  5. Do your work honestly and thoroughly thereby avoiding to cheat & submit fake proofs. Also be very careful when doing signups/KYC jobs (you could get blocked if you keep doing these big sensitive jobs wrongly).
  6. Minimizehow you create new tickets when reporting an employer. Instead of always reporting, try to block and move on!!
  7. Try to withdraw at $5 and quit allowing your money to pile up (You just don’t know when you could be blocked and you’d end up loosing everything).
  8. Placewithdrawals before 3pm so as to be able to receive your payment that same day (@4/5pm).
  9. Leave jobs you don’t understand, Try to always click on the “follow” button on jobs you’re able to do (So as to be getting notifications from that employer for more jobs).
  10. Know the time/period jobs comes the most and try not to miss it.

Be consistent, patient and motivated.. don’t compete with anyone, try to work at your own pace. God speed everyone.

How to find gigs, apply and work as a SprougtGigs freelancer.

Apart from performing mini tasks, you can also apply for gigs work and earn, just like Fiverr and Upwork.

  1. Upon successful account creation, arrange your profile and setup your account depending on your preferred Gigs (e.g Graphics designer, SEO expert, Web developer, or Video Editor)
  2. Upload your profile with few captions of services you can offer (also include level and experience) itFull review on sproutgigs
  3. Then search for potential clients (employers) and perform Gigs
  4. Upon successful Gigs completion, lure them to review and rate your profile, so as to increase your chances of getting more jobs.

How to perform simple tasks and earn money with SprougtGigs

One good thing about sproutGigs is that you can also make money while performing simple tasks on the platform. Yes, a lot of users take sproutGigs as side hustle and earn cool cash with it. Some simple tasks to perform at sproutgigs include;

SEO tasks

You can perform simple tasks for bloggers who run arbitrage, by viewing their blog, engaging in their contents, click ads on their blog, screenshot and submit proof to them.

To be able to perform this tasks, you have to follow strict rules impose by the task uploader (usually found above every tasks). You earn $0.020 to $0.050 for every SEO tasks completed.

Social media followers

With SprougtGigs, you can also make money by following users on social media, apart from SEO tasks, this is another simple task you could perform easily and earn money.

Social media followers involves users paying you to follow their social media pages such as TikTok, Facebook, X (f.k.a Twitter) and Instagram. Employers usually pay $0.020 per follow.

YouTube Subscriptions

Subscribing to YouTube channels is another way to earn money with SprougtGigs. Just like social media followers, all you have to do is to subscribe to YouTube channels, provide your screenshot and get paid upon approval.

With YouTube Subscriptions, you could earn up to $0.050 per channel subscribe.

Download and Review Apps

Another way to earn is to downloads and review apps either on Android or iOS. A lot of employers pay users for downloading and reviewing an app.

They might not be the owner of these apps, but is affiliated or expect freelancer to sign up using their referral links so they can earn a commission. App download and review tasks usually pay $0.200 to $1


Survey is another task you could perform to earn money from SprougtGigs. It involves question and answer, usually uploaded by employers.

In as much as survey is among the top paying task at SprougtGigs with the average of $5 per survey, I wouldn’t advise anybody to perform this tasks due to it complexity. Firstly, taking this survey might last up to 30 minutes with distractive malicious Ads. Secondly bypassing human verification seems almost impossible.

Apart from this there are many more tasks you could perform and earn with SproughtGigs.

How to use SprougtGigs for arbitrage as a Blogger.

Do you know as a blogger, SprougtGigs is the perfect platform to run arbitrage and make money especially bloggers with AdSense approval?

Yes! A lot of bloggers now use this platform to drive more traffic to their blogs and generate more ad clicks and impressions so you can also make money with this platform as well. Here is how it works;

  • If you initially created your account as a freelancer, then switch your account to employer
  • Choose your job type (SEO)
  • Choose your preferred country (tier one countries is recommended for high CPC)
  • Then, choose number of workers (number of people you preferred to visit your blog)
  • Mandate them to click on ad and submit proof.

With this, you can make money with AdSense, without any AdSense suspicions.

If you don’t understand how this arbitrage work, consider performing few SEO tasks uploaded by other bloggers, it will help you understand how the platform works.

SprougtGigs payment method

Basically, the three (3) major payment method valid at SproutGigs are Litcoin, Payoneer and AIRTM.

For Nigerian residents, I would advise you to withdraw using AIRTM due to it’s simplicity and fast payout with low withdrawal charges compared to the other two. It’s also important to note that you would be charge $1 for every withdrawal issued.


In conclusion, SproutGigs is a great platform for freelancers in Nigeria! It’s easy to use, has a large pool of projects, and offers a variety of payment methods. It also has a great support team and community of freelancers. So, if you’re looking for a way to make money online in Nigeria, SproutGigs is definitely worth considering! Have you decided if you want to give it a try?

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